Available methods of replenishment and withdrawal of funds at Banzai casino

You can withdraw money from Banzai casino in a variety of ways, and regardless of the payment method and withdrawal amount, funds are credited to the specified account almost instantly. The Banzai online casino in Bangladesh has fairly wide limits on both deposits and withdrawals, which allows you to comfortably play for both small and really large bets. It is also worth noting that there is no commission for depositing /withdrawing funds, which allows you to increase the total winnings.

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How to deposit money into your Banzai casino account

To top up your account at Banzai casino , you must do the following:

  1. Go to the official Banzai casino website and log into your account.
  2. Go to the account replenishment page or cashier.
  3. Choose a convenient way to replenish your account.
  4. Enter the required amount to top up your account.
  5. Follow further instructions (depending on the top-up method used) and confirm the operation.
  6. After a successful transaction, the money will be immediately credited to your gaming account at Banzai casino.


In order to top up your account at Banzai casino, you need to log into your existing account (create one if necessary). To do this, you need to go to the official website of the Banzai online casino (mirror/ mobile application) and enter the username and password that were used when registering your gaming account, and then click on the “login” button .

Selecting a replenishment method

You can top up your account at Banzai casino in a variety of ways. In order to familiarize yourself with the current replenishment methods, you need to go to the “cash desk” tab. This tab will display all the methods by which you can replenish your account at the Banzai casino.

replenishment of the account

Amount selection

Each of the presented methods has certain limits , which you can familiarize yourself with directly while replenishing your game account balance. The replenishment amount cannot be less/more than the limits presented. The amount that you want to deposit into your game account balance must be inserted into a special field (specify other payment information), and then click on the “pay” button.


Next, you need to confirm the execution of this operation on a third-party service . Immediately after confirmation of the transaction, the funds will be debited from the specified account and will immediately be credited to the balance of the gaming account at the Banzai online casino.

PS Before making a deposit, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with the current bonus offers and promotions , because they can increase the amount of the deposit made, as well as provide free spins in game slots .

How to withdraw your winnings at Banzai casino

In order to withdraw money to Banzai casino , you must complete the following steps:

  1. Go to the Banzai casino website (mobile application) and log into your existing gaming account.
  2. Go to the «Cashier» section.
  3. Select a withdrawal method and indicate the required amount for withdrawal.
  4. Enter the details of the account to which you want to withdraw money.
  5. Confirm the request for withdrawal of funds and wait for it to be processed by the casino administration (usually withdrawals are made instantly), immediately after this the funds will be debited from the balance of the game account.
  6. Wait for the application to be processed, after which the winnings will be transferred to the specified account.

If the processing of the application takes a very long time or the funds have not been received to the specified account, you must contact support specialists who will quickly help solve this problem.


In order to go through the authorization procedure, you need to go to the official website of the Banzai casino, then enter the current login and password for your account and click on the “log in” button.

Output method

Next, you need to go to the “Cashier” tab, where all available payment methods will be presented with which you can withdraw money to the Banzai casino . There you can also familiarize yourself with the current limits (minimum/maximum withdrawal amount).

Transfer amount

Next, you need to indicate the amount that needs to be withdrawn from the game account balance. This amount must be within the established limits, otherwise the application cannot be registered. After the amount and other payment information have been specified, you must click on the “withdraw funds” button.

Reception of translation

The withdrawal of funds to the withdrawal of funds at Banzai casino is completed and the withdrawal procedure is then handled by support specialists who check the payment details, after which they carry out the withdrawal. The user only needs to wait for verification, after which the funds will be sent to the details specified in the application.

Available payment methods at Banzai casino

Payment methodTypeEnrollment timeWithdrawal time
ROCKETOnline walletInstantlyup to 15 minutes
NagadOnline walletInstantlyup to 15 minutes
BCashMobile bankingInstantly (in some cases up to 60 minutes)Instantly (in some cases up to 48 hours)

How to choose the right payment system

Withdrawing funds at Banzai casino is possible in various ways, but not all of them are convenient for Banzai casino clients, which is why it is recommended to choose the most suitable payment system. This can be done using the following rules :

  • Study the list of available payment systems;
  • Assess convenience and security: choose a payment system that will be easy to use;
  • Consider fees and limits: before choosing a payment system, it is recommended to familiarize yourself with the fees and limits within the payment system. It is necessary to choose a payment system that will be the most profitable;
  • Transaction speed: If quick deposits and withdrawals of winnings are important to you, choose a payment system that provides fast transactions.

Based on these rules, you can select the most suitable payment system that will meet all the user’s requirements.

How to bypass large and small amount limits

There are several ways to bypass the limits on large and small withdrawal amounts at Banzai casino, namely:

  • Use different payment systems: some payment systems allow you to withdraw large amounts of money without restrictions;
  • Contact support: sometimes casino support can offer individual withdrawal conditions for certain players;
  • Split the withdrawal amount into several transactions: if you have a withdrawal limit, try splitting a large amount into several smaller transactions. This may help bypass restrictions;
  • Use alternative withdrawal methods such as cryptocurrencies.

At Banzai casino you can replenish/withdraw funds from your gaming account balance in a short time, and this can be done in various ways. The limits presented allow both players with low limits and players who play for really large bets to feel comfortable. Various promotions that are held at Banzai casino on a regular basis allow you to increase the amount of your deposit.